Metrolla Steels Ltd., has blazed a trail in the TMT steel manufacturing sector of South India with it’s soaring brand image, most modern technologies and a range of superior quality products. The 200-crore company has always risen up to customer expectations by bringing timely innovations to its product portfolio and by upholding the highest ideals of quality and principles.

Leveraging its core competencies, Metrolla Steels had successfully developed a truly global TMT steel brand – Metcon. Over the years, Metcon became a synonym for strength and quality. Every batch of Metcon TMT steel is subjected to stringent quality tests at Metrolla’s TQSCI certified TMT steel plants at Cochin and Pondicherry, which employ German Turbo TMT technology.

The company’s penchant for superior quality and consistent customer satisfaction has helped it to become the undisputed market leader.